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The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) is a research institute based in New Delhi, India. Founded in 1969, ICS dedicates to researches on history, culture, society, international relations, the economy and the polity of China and East Asia.

和平與區域衝突研究所 IPCShttp://www.ipcs.org


The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) is a private research institute based in New Delhi, India. It is one of the most active and influential think tanks in India with focus on strategic and security studies in South Asia.



The Graduate Institute of International Politics, National Chung Hsing University, is an academic institue in Taichung, Taiwan. Being the only graduate institue in the field of internatinal relations in central Taiwan, GIIP endaouvers to cultivate professionals and researches in international affairs. At present, GIIP offers programs in M.A., Ph.D., and mid-career M.A., and has four affilicated research centers.

The Glocalhttp://www.glocal.org.hk

The Glocal 是全球華文社區的國際新聞綜合評論網站,由Roundtable 的香港國際關係研究學會管理,由香港政策研究所國際關係研究中心,香港國際問題研究所支持設立。

The Glocal is an online information website that reports on political, societal and cultural issues. Managed by the Hong Kong International Relations Research Association with the support from Global Studies Institute Hong Kong and Hong Kong Policy Research Institute.



Insight Post is the online website of International affairs in Taiwan, managed by volunteer students. Meanwhile, the website is a platform of international relations studies.     



CSSAME is a research center affiliated to Graduate Institute of International Politics, National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan. It is the only research unit in Taiwan dedicating to researches and analyses on contemporary political and strategic issues in South Asian and Middle East countries. 



The Center for Asia Policy will focus on giving Taiwan a stronger and more prominent voice and role in Asian academic discussions of policy, and on providing research support, ideas, and practical recommendations which we hope will be useful to the ROC Government in formulating its policies.


「關鍵評論網」The News Lens 設立於2013年8月,是一群對於現今媒體不滿,想做出一些改變的人,包括媒體產業的編輯,在海外工作的專業經理人,網路技術開發者,以及一群實習生、朋友和外稿作者,希望媒體除了陳述事實之外,還能夠提供多元、不同方向的觀點,並為智慧手機、平板、電腦等不同平台提供各自適合閱讀的內容,也讓社交網路世代的使用者,能夠更輕鬆的分享、討論和參與他們有興趣的議題。

The News Lens is a media that provides truly important news and must-know stories from all perspectives. The News Lens is also a place where users can get the best reading and viewing experiences regardless of the devices they use, and information is easy to share and to engage in. In the future, The News Lens aims to be the most important platform for all valuable news, opinions and videos for Mandarin readers worldwide.